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Feb 27 - 4 Major Benefits of Home Automation

Technology and convenience have always been gone hand in hand and we’ve come a long way from “the clapper” and TV remotes. These days, convenience has taken on a whole new meaning for homeowners looking to modernize their estates with home automation. Home automation is the use of specialized computer technologies to control home features and functions automatically and often remotely via a local or cloud network. This booming industry that’s growing exponentially is here to stay, and you can expect to see some pretty amazing things from the “smart home” of the future. Here are 4 of the best benefits that can come with home automation:

Security – One of the first of the major benefits that are often considered is home security. We’ve all been in a hurry at some point; perhaps you’re late for a dentist appointment, or maybe you’ve got to get to Taco Bell before they close and you’re stuck eating leftovers. In either case, one common side effect is that people tend to forget whether they locked the door, closed the garage, or armed their alarm systems. This is where security automation can become a serious relief. With most modern systems, resolving this issue would simply be a matter of checking your phone and pressing a few buttons to lock up the house while you wait in the dentist’s lobby. This can also be a valuable asset for those whom often have children at the house when they are not present that occasionally forget to lock up before leaving.

Energy Savings – It's not always easy to track your utility expenses, and that often means that hefty utility bill comes as somewhat of a surprise at the end of the month. Being mindful and utilizing energy efficient power solutions or cutting down in non-essentials like excess lighting and water usage can help to make your home greener, but home automation can also be a great aid in making your house run more efficiently. Modern home automation systems allow users to set specific times in the day for the air conditioner or heater to activate and allow users to specify which rooms are being heated/cooled. Users can control all of this remotely and change system temperatures on the go. So if you’re stuck in traffic, you can have the heater warm up while you're on your way and come home to warm den to relax in. When changing the thermostat is this convenient, staying on top of your energy usage is a much easier task.

Time Management/Convenience - In today’s fast-paced culture, you could likely benefit from having a little extra time, and home automation can offer you just that. You no longer have to go out of your way making stops at the house to manage your appliances or let in the gardeners. You have full reign of your estate remotely, so you can relax and roam your world like the oyster that it is.

Monitor Children and Loved Ones – Busy parents and caretakers can benefit from 24/7 monitoring and security management. Your home automation system could double as a baby monitor or serve to notify those taking care of elderly loved ones when assistance is required. As the technology continues to progress, we can expect to see even more amazing benefits from home automation that will make our lives a little more manageable in these fast-paced, on-the-go times.