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May 22nd - How VDIs Can Improve Your Business Computing

Most everyday office tasks require employees to access and edit files from multiple servers and drives. This creates a constant crisscross exchange of data that can quickly turn into a constant headache. However, many of the issues that come with typical business computing become much more manageable with Virtual Desktop Infrastructures or VDIs. With VDIs, a virtual desktop is created and hosted on a server that can be accessed by any computers that are granted permission. While this may seem similar to simply setting up a drive on a server that can be accessed by other computers through a network, VDIs allow you to access files and run applications from the virtual desktop as if they were being run on your own computer. This presents a huge benefit to businesses with a lot of programs and files to manage in a day.

Improved Data Integrity - Within conventional computer network setups, if a computer crashes while youíre working on critical data, youíre essentially out of luck and your recovery options then depend on the severity of the crash and the capabilities of the operating system. However, with a VDI, you can simply move to a new computer and access the VDI, the viola, everything will be exactly where you left it.

Data Theft Prevention Ė If a computer or device that contains critical company data is stolen or lost, you can simply disconnect it from the VDI (assuming it is properly set up) and the data will be safe.

Homework Ė When deadlines are imminent or certain projects require after hours expertise, its very common for employees to bring their work home with them. However, this leaves company information vulnerable to hackers and viruses that can much more easily access whatever Internet connection that individual employee is using. With a VDI, this data is no only safer from those threats, but if it is still somehow compromised, access can be cut off quickly to minimize the damages. In light of this, the flexibility of VDIs makes it easy for employees make last minute edits to that proposal or 3D model when crunch time hits.

Differing Operating systems Ė Itís not at all unlikely that of the many computers running in-house in a given business, some of them run a different OS than the majority. In fact, itís not uncommon for a business to be running more than a few different OSí at any given time. For IT managers, this is a nightmare. By implementing a VDI, you can make your IT managerís job much easier. All the work can be done on the server hosting the virtual desktop and the effects take place for anyone accessing it.