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Mar 23rd - Why is The Federal Cyber Security Budget So Large?

According to defense department budget figures, U.S. Cyber Command spending will reach an estimated 509 million this year. The 2015 budget would go towards funding cyber-security experts that will be tasked with orchestrating network defense plans and offensive cyber attacks to protect servers and other crucial hardware from network threats.

Obviously the federal government takes cyber security very seriously, and really anyone with important data should as well, especially data solutions providers. Research has shown that data center cyber attacks are moving from volumetric-based where connections are simply overwhelmed with data, to more sophisticated low-bandwidth attacks that target specific services and are difficult to identify.

If your stored data is in any way valuable or crucial, it should be protected against cyber attacks. Here are some tips to protect your data center from cyber attacks:

Protect data centers from threats that cannot be stopped by other security devices.

Secure the availability of the most important asset: the data center services.

Protect the data center infrastructure and connectivity as well as customer services and data.

Provide much-needed visibility at the data center edge and inside data centers.

Detect emerging threats by looking beyond the borders of the data center.

You'll want to consider developing a risk profile for every day based on the transactions and exchanges of information that will take place. You want to secure your most important information at the highest level possible and always use 2-factor authorization with your accounts. Making sure that your security questions are relatively tough to answer is also a good strategy for protection. Last year, a lot of celebrity photos where leaked due to correctly answered security questions. Lastly, You may want to also consider investing in strong account management software. Like something with encryption capabilities. This will make it easier to manage all of your levels of security.

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