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NetStor 2U 16 bay Thunderbolt 3 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model #NA338TB3

My Pc Case
NetStor 2U 16 bay Thunderbolt 3 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model #NA338TB3
My Pc Case
NetStor 2U 16 bay Thunderbolt 3 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model #NA338TB3
My Pc Case
NetStor 2U 16 bay Thunderbolt 3 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model #NA338TB3
My Pc Case





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My Pc Case
My Pc Case

2U 16 bay 2.5″ Thunderbolt 3 Storage and PCIe Expansion
Netstor NA338TB3 is equipped with Intel’s latest Thunderbolt™ 3, 40Gbps, bi-directional interface being able to instantly, easily empower large storage capacity and PCIe expansion slots to Thunderbolt™-enabled computers. It also provides three PCIe 3.0 slots within the storage chassis that allow the users to make an easy expansion of varied specialty PCIe cards to the Thunderbolt 3 Mac. Except the necessary RAID adapter card to be added, the professionals can still choose to attach two more pro cards such as video capture, video transcoding, audio accelerator, network card and so on in the 2U storage to add extra performance to Thunderbolt Mac.
The Perfect Partner for Transportable Rack Application
Providing video producers with features of light-weighted, easy carrying and high mobility for outdoor actions and events, the Thunderbolt™ 3 storage is designed 2U low height and 42 cm short deep to fit accurately the easy installation characteristics on transportable rack, suitable for both on-site and in-studio real-time editing and streaming 4K UHD digital content workflows.
Precise Design, Powerful Inside
Although designed for the precise 2U short deep chassis, the front NA338TB3 still supports up to 16 hot-swap 2.5″ drive trays. Creators can install ultra-fast SSDs or high-capacity 2.5-inch HDDs according to their need for transmission. Also, the 2U storage has world’s exclusive expansion infrastructure for attaching up to 3 full-height, full-length PCIe cards to any Thunderbolt-equipped computers. Regardless of installing RAID card for high fault tolerance RAID protection of drive data, or essential video capture/editing cards for video professionals, the installation and expansion are achieved effortlessly through Netstor’s enclosure design. With only one single Thunderbolt™3, blazing-fast 40Gbps, cable connection between NA338TB3 and Mac for delivering the effective expansion capability, your Mac immediately becomes a powerful workstation.

▪ Thunderbolt™3 interface with 40Gbps of throughput in both channels
▪ Solid 2U 16-bay(2.5″) rackmount chassis
▪ Supports sixteen (16) 2.5 inch SSD or HDD Trays
▪ Supports up to 3 PCIe slots for full length and full height PCIe cards
▪ Individual key lock on each HDD tray for physical security
▪Provides excellent airflow ventilation to ensure all types of drives are kept at moderate temperatures for any type of work


Host Interface Thunderbolt™ 3 (Dual Port for Daisy Chain)
Data Transfer Rate 40Gbps
HDD Interface SAS/SATA (6G/3Gbps)
No. of Disk(s) Up to 16 (For 2.5″ SSD/HDD & sold separately)
RAID Levels Requires a RAID card with internal 16 port and Thunderbolt driver(RAID card sold separately)
PCIe Slot Expansion Three PCIe3.0 x8 slots
Thunderbolt Expansion Up to Six Thunderbolt devices
LED Display for Enclosure Fan normal - green; Fan failure - red
Temp. normal - green; Temp. over 50C - red
LED Display for each Tray White - Power On Indicator
Flash Blue - HDD Accessing Indicator
Red - HDD Failure Indicator
Alarm Mutable buzzer beeping for fan failure or over temperature occurs
Material Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel Housing
Power Supply 460W Single PSU (High-Efficiency & Low Noise)
Input: 90-230 VAC/50-60 HZ
Output: +5V and +12V
Dimension 415(D) x 482(W) x 88.5(H) mm
16.3(D) x 19(W) x 3.49(H) inch
Cooling Four 60 x60 x25 mm
System Support MacBook Pro(2016) with a Thunderbolt 3 port Note: Thunderbolt 2 Mac will request a Thunderbolt 3(USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 adapter
O.S. Support Mac OS X 10.12.3 above
PCIe card Driver Request Third-party PCIe card should support Mac OS with Thunderbolt aware's driver
PCIe card  Size Available Card length within 305mm and full height PCIe card
Storage Temperature 5 to 40C (41 to 104F)
Operating Temperature -10 to 50C (-14 to 122F)
Relative Humidity 20 to 80% (non-condensing)

Package Content
Enclosure x 1
HDD Tray x 16 (Installed)
Thunderbolt cable x 1 (2 meter)
Manual CD-ROM x1
Hard Disk Drive mounting screw x 64
Key for HDD tray x 2
Power Cord x 2


Model No. Description
NA338TB3 2U 16 bay Thunderbolt3 to 2.5″ SAS/SATA JBOD and PCIe Expansion Chassis, with single 460W Power Supply, One Thunderbolt 3 active meter cable
BARC1883IX16 Areca’s ARC-1883ix-16, internal 16 port SAS/SATA RAID Adapter, Dual Core RAID-on-Chip 800MHz processor, Supports RAID level 0, 1, 10(1E), 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60, Single Disk or JBOD, with Thunderbolt aware driver
My Pc Case