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NetStor Thunderbolt 2 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model # NA211TB-LD

My Pc Case
NetStor Thunderbolt  2 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model # NA211TB-LD
My Pc Case
NetStor Thunderbolt  2 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model # NA211TB-LD
My Pc Case
NetStor Thunderbolt  2 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model # NA211TB-LD
My Pc Case
NetStor Thunderbolt  2 Storage and PCIe Expansion Model # NA211TB-LD





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My Pc Case
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My Pc Case
My Pc Case
Thunderbolt Storage and PCIe Expansion
The Netstor NA211TB-LD is a compact size Thunderbolt enclosure combined with storage supporting four(4) 2.5" SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs as well as three(3) PCIe slots for expansion to any Thunderbolt-equipped computer through only one single Thunderbolt cable up to 20Gbps in dual channels for production. Setting up RAID volumes for NA211TB-LD is very much simple by adding one RAID card into the NA211TB-LD for RAID configuration.

Dedicated Enclosure for Application
The NA211TB-LD enclosure is built in with ultra-quiet, eco-friendly 80-Plus certified 250W power supply that provides storage and all the professional PCIe add-on cards with sufficient power that is needed. The storage with PCIe expansion is designed to have superior ventilation with front to back vent airflow, providing significant cooling efficiency through the built-in large and quiet fan cooler upon easily adjustable fan speeds for varied working situations.

Storing and Processing Economically
Going well with any current Thunderbolt desktop and laptop, the NA211TB-LD is designed to enhance the I/O performance of computer at the same time as adding storage and power of specialty PCIe cards to the Thunderbolt host. The solution of NA211TB-LD with storage and PCIe cards not only features ultra-high mobility for users in any work environment, but also allows professionals to reduce cost to investment in specialized PCIe cards for creation.


  • Supports up to three(3) two-thirds length PCIe cards
  • Built-in backplane for four(4) 2.5-inch HDDs or SSDs
  • 20Gbps high speed Thunderbolt host interface in both channels
  • Stylish high quality aluminum housing with solid metal structure
  • Ease-of-adjusted Fan speed control board for various working environment
  • Internal high-efficiency and ultra-quiet 250W power supply


HostInterface Thunderbolt™
Data Transfer Rate 20Gbps Bi-directional
No. of PCIe Slots Two PCIe 2.0 x8 (One slot is available for PCIe x16 card)
One PCIe 2.0 x4
No. of Disk(s) Up to 4 (Supports 2.5" HDD or SSD & Sold separately)
RAID Levels Requires a RAID card with internal 4 port and Thunderbolt driver(RAID card sold separately)
Thunderbolt Expansion Up to Six Thunderbolt devices
LED Display for Enclosure Power On
Material Aluminum housing with solid metal structure
Power Supply Single 250W PSU (High-Efficiency & Low Noise)
Input: 90-230 VAC/50-60 HZ
Output: +5V and +12V
Dimension 371(D) x 110(W) x 200(H) mm
14.6 (D) x 4.3 (W) x 7.87 (H) inch
Cooling One Hot-Swappable 80 x80 x20 mm Cooling Fan
System Support Mac mini, Mac mini Server, iMac, MacBook Pro or Windows PC with a Thunderbolt port
O.S. Support Mac OS X 10.6.8+, Mac OS Server, OS X Lion
PCIe card Driver Request Third-party PCIe card should support Mac OS with Thunderbolt aware's driver
PCIe card Size Available Full Height & Card Length Available: 218(L)mm / 8.6(L) inch
Storage Temperature 0 to 40C (32 to 104F)
Operating Temperature -10 to 50C (-14 to 122F)
Relative Humidity 20 to 80% (non-condensing)

Package Content
- Enclosure x 1
- Thunderbolt cable x 1 (2 meter)
- Manual CD-ROM x1
- Carry Bag x 1
- Power Cord x 1


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Brand Name Model
Host Support
MAC Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
with a Thunderbolt port (Mac OS X 10.6.8+)
RAID Card Support
10G Networking Card  
  10G-PCIE-8B-2C 10G-PCIE-8B-2S 10G-PCIE-8B-C
10G-PCIE-8B-S 10G-PCIE2-8B2-2C
10G-PCIE2-8B2-2S (version v1.3.1+)


Model No. Description
NA211TB-LD> Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis, Supporting up to Three(3) PCIe cards, with storage backplanewith, 250W single power supply, One Thunderbolt 2 meter cable.
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