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Oct. 8th - Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Sever Rack For The Data Center

Having to set up a data server or simply upgrade/update one can be quite the process. There are many things to be considered, especially when deciding which hardware components are needed and which ones are not. When acknowledging server rack server racks one question arises, is it necessary to host your server in one? The answer is yes as a server rack increases performance, allows for easy maintenance, and increases security. Here are some points to consider before purchasing a server rack.

-Server Rack Cooling Layout

Different servers generate different amounts of heat and therefore require different types of cooling processes. Racks offer different cooling methods, and which rack you choose should adhere to the current cooling methods used in your environment. There are two cooling layouts a rack will utilize.

Fully Perforated Server Racks: A rack that is fully perforated allows for maximum airflow. This layout should be advised if the primary method of cooling your data center or server room is via ambient air cooling. Fans, air handlers, blowers, and/or Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units are all to be considered as ambient air cooling.

Fully-Sealed Server Racks: Fully-sealed racks are advised if a liquid cooling unit or rack air condition is used to influence your environment.

-Selecting an appropriately-sized rack

Selecting a server rack in which you already know its internal specifications is essential. Be sure that its internal space can harbor your current and future equipment. One important fact to know is that Rack mount equipment is measured in the Electronic Industries Alliance or (EIA) standard of "Rack Units" or simply rack 'U". One "Rack Unit" equates to 1.75 inches in height.


Many server rack server racks have security features that will keep your business from being compromised. Many server racks offer safety features such as locking front and rear doors, while some current models offer Smart Card - CAC access control. Environmental monitoring devices can be found on certain server racks that will allow you to monitor amperage draw per circuit, water leaks, temperature, and other variables and/or anomalies that alert after points of threshold. Some of the environmental monitoring devices have door sensors too, that alert administrators when a cabinet door has been opened. Furthermore, some available devices offer docked cameras that allow administrators to visually surveillance the server room.